PANTEMONIUM is Emily's first ever sponsor that started from a little company based on making amazing LOUD clothing. Which now has turned into an amazing trend on and off the golf course! Pantemonium has the most AMAZING Colors, Designs and Fun cuts for everyone. Emily also has her own clothing line through Pantemonium. 

JOY JOY WATCHES is one of the fashionable ways to show the excitement in your game! With interchangeable color and different unique bands and heads never be lost in time! Need to jump into the pool to cool off? Or the Ocean? NO WORRIES! Joy Joy watches are waterproof. Need to catch your fav golf tournament on TV? No worries! It also has an amazing alarm that will keep you on your toes!

Emily Cournoyer



You can now sign up to meet Emily and have a picture session or an autograph sent to you with her signature on it! Emily now has an announcements and social media page where fans can send her Fan Mail! online, and send comments to her! Keep her hitting those balls straight!